Pointers for Selling Your Designer Handbag

18 Jul

Cleaning your closet? You may have to throw some items out, but hopefully not your handbags - lots of resale options out there. Just one afternoon of organizing stuff and picture-taking could mean a new bag or two.

Below are tips that can help you get the best deals when reselling your handbags online:

Research pricing.

Before you offer your handbags online at https://www.herauthentic.com/, make sure you’ve set relevant prices for them. Go online and know the prices of similar items being sold. For instance, the completed sales archives of major selling sites like eBay and Amazon will surely be helpful. Of course, you should check other issues too, such as how worn or well-conditioned the bag is. No matter how much you paid for it when you bought it, always set your price from the buyer’s perspective.

In addition, remember to consider resale fees (unless you have a direct buyer).  These could be anywhere from a tiny commission off of your selling price to up to 50% of your total sale, so always read up before committing. Definitely, you’ll want max your eventual return or at least keep unwanted surprises at bay. Make sure to sell louis vuitton today!

Take quality pictures.

If you want to attract as many potential buyers as possible, make sure you take large and well-lit photos of your handbags. Your cell phone will do just fine, provided its camera is good. As much as possible, take your photos where you have a source of natural light. Find that perfect spot in your backyard and start snapping away!

Know what’s important to buyers. Every big brand will have indicators of authenticity, be it zipper markings, interior tags, hot stamping, etc. In most cases, buyers of designer handbags are veterans, so they know exactly what an authentic piece looks like. When they’re convinced you’ve got the real deal, they will have no qualms paying more.

Be extra careful when selling directly to a person.

If you’re selling to an individual, be a little more observant and discerning. If they want to move the transaction elsewhere instead of on the platform, or if they want to course the payment through an unfamiliar payment processor, be cautious. While these concerns often affect buyers, you have to be vigilant yourself as a seller. You may further read about product review, visit http://money.cnn.com/2016/01/06/technology/ces-2016/index.html.

Sell within reason.

Finally, if you’re trying to influence people to do something that benefits you, find out what it would take to make them more likely to do it. Empathize with strangers who are thinking of giving you cash. You have to provide clear images, respond to messages as soon as possible, and ship when you promise you will. Begin with those three, and you have a greater chance of keeping the customer for a future sell.

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